In March, 1985, after months of anticipation, after potential vendors had lost their former grocery store selling site to progress in downtown Savannah, Keller’s Flea Market opened its doors. Hubert Keller transformed the former mobile home sales lot and farming hay field into what would become a favorite attraction for tourists and locals alike!!!

The flea market opened with 60 stall spaces – 30 open spaces and 30 enclosed spaces. Money was tight so Keller built the first buildings from “culled” boards and tin. Plain old Georgia dirt was used as flooring. Becky Goss was our first manager watching over the day to day operations of the business.

As time passed, the unique market took on an “old timey, days past” flare – decorated with antique hit-n-miss engines, automobiles and tractors. Interest grew and so did the need for more buildings, restrooms and food facilities. Janie Arkwright’s Kitchens were born!!!

Janie Arkwright worked in the Keller home when Hubert was a youngster. “She was the best cook I ever had! Hubert has been quoted as saying. So that’s why he named the kitchens after dear Janie.

In 1987, Keller married Cheri Stokes Keller. They began their adventure working together to make Keller’s Flea Market the largest flea market destination in the Southeast! Several years later, Margaret Stokes came to manage the office duties. Trey Stokes came to manage the weekly maintenance and food concessions. We are proud that Adam Keller, Hubert’s son, recently, has also joined the workforce at the flea market. So it is truly a “family affair” not counting the dedicated employees who help maintain and keep the flea market operating smoothly.

In August, 2002, Keller had the opportunity to purchase “the big cow” from the Robert Simons family. She now proudly adorns the entrance of Keller’s Flea Market. Keller “dressed” her in the adorable hat, diamond ring, watch and her charm bracelet – full of reminders of her most prized possessions! People love her and we do too!

In November, 2003, a segment of the Turner South Broadcasting Company’s show “JUNKIN” was filmed at Keller’s Flea Market. We, recently, were partnered with the Savannah College of Art and Design for a student documentary project.

Today, Keller’s Flea Market has over 400 retail stall spaces, six delicious food concessions, and bus & RV parking. Showers for travelling vendors, accesses for our handicapped friends, heating and air conditioning, ATM machines, a barber shop and a flea market full of unique merchandise at bargain prices!